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Family Law Attorney Ellijay GA

D-I-V-O-R-C-E, a word you probably never planned or hoped for. Your mind is racing a million questions and thoughts a minute - will I be ok financially? How will this affect my children? Will I be able to stay in my home? 


Each question and concern is valid and a Georgia Divorce Attorney should be able to address each concern with you. Here at Teague Law, we know divorce can be an emotionally charged process whether you are facing an uncontested or high-conflict divorce. Divorce may not be something you have chosen or wanted, but you deserve a team beside you to educate you on your options and fight for your best possible outcome. 


Whether your divorce is uncontested or complex involving high conflict or high assets, you will need the best attorney representing you. We understand your concerns and are well-equipped in protecting your financial interests and formulating or fighting for child custody solutions that will work best for your family. 


Divorce is more than a here-and-now process. At Teague Law, our dedicated family law attorneys understand how decisions made in your divorce today can affect you and your family in the future. 


We are here to help you through what can feel like the scariest process of your life. Call us at 706-276-3636 to schedule a complimentary consultation today. 

Complex Contested Divorces in Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin County


The decision to begin the divorce process is a difficult and challenging decision.  That process quickly becomes complicated when divorcing with high assets or divorcing a high conflict personality. At Teague Law, we specialize in high-conflict and high asset contested divorce cases. We understand that in a perfect situation, every divorce would be amicable and as stress-free for the parties as possible – however, an uncontested divorce is not feasible for many families. Emotions are involved and the stakes are high – everything you have worked for is on the line, and custody arrangements for your children are at the forefront of your mind.   


The integration of other professionals in your contested divorce can be imperative. Professionals such as accountants, guardian ad litems, appraisers, child psychologists, and others can help facilitate a favorable outcome in court or even a possible settlement between you and your spouse. 


Whatever your situation may be where you have found yourself in the midst of a highly-contested divorce, it is crucial to have the help of an attorney that has experience not only with creative problem solving, but training and advanced skills in litigating complex family issues. 


Your priorities and concerns are individual to you and will affect the plan of action designed by your contested divorce attorney. Every divorce is different and “cookie-cutter” plans typically do not resolve high-conflict divorces. We understand the complexities of your divorce and the strategy needed to resolve your concerns in the most efficient possible way. Call Teague Law today to schedule your complimentary consultation with our experienced family law attorneys. 


Uncontested Divorce 


Divorces are almost always emotionally charged and difficult to navigate. Although rare, uncontested divorces are absolutely possible. Uncontested divorces will cost the parties significantly less and many times enables the parties to begin the post-divorce stage of life with a much better co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse. 


There are several things to consider and decide on in your uncontested divorce: 


  1. A parenting plan that will provide the best possible solution for your family 

  2. Division of property 

  3. Which party will pay child support and the amount of the support 

  4. Whether spousal support possible or realistic


The goal of an uncontested divorce is to facilitate a settlement that both parties are satisfied to avoid the stressful court process. An uncontested divorce allows the parties to determine and decide what is best for their family versus leaving the decision to a Judge that knows very little about their needs and integral family issues. 


Many times parties are close to a truly uncontested divorce, but a few issues must be resolved in order to fully settle their divorce. At Teague Law, we see the benefit of involving a mediator to help facilitate the best possible settlement for the parties while keeping them out of the courtroom. Amicable divorces foster better cooperating and communication between co-parents and encourage the family that may now be two separate units, to still work together and act as one for the best interest of the entire family. 


An uncontested divorce does not mean sacrificing what is truly important to you and the best interest of the children. Both parties should be satisfied with the agreed on parenting solutions and asset division. Once a divorce is finalized, any modifications must be based on a material change of circumstance. Therefore, your uncontested divorce settlement should be one that you are happy with and that is feasible. 


At Teague Law, we use advanced problem-solving training to offer creative solutions for parenting decisions and asset division. The greatest benefit of an uncontested divorce is formulating creative solutions unique to the desires of YOUR family. Cookie-cutter holiday plans or asset division is usually not the best answer. We have experience providing out of the box solutions which facilitate the most amicable settlement possible. 


Call us today for a complimentary consultation regarding your uncontested divorce. 




A material change in circumstance may bring about a formalized modification action to amend the original order to reflect the current best interest of the children. Families change over time and solutions that may have been feasible at the time of the initial custody or divorce agreement may not be practicable or even possible at the current time. 


A Georgia Court will evaluate several factors in determining whether a material change in circumstance has occurred. The relocation of a parent, change of income, or conduct of the parties is just a few factors that can create a material change of circumstance. 


There is no pre-fashioned formula in advocating for clients wishing for or opposing a modification action. Every situation and every family is different. Jurisdiction and your assigned Judge can also significantly affect the strategy of your modification action. When a modification pertains to change of custody of your minor children, the use of a guardian ad litem can be of great assistance. Whether you are requesting a change of custody or defending a modification request, a guardian ad litem will evaluate the current needs of the children and provide in-depth reasoning to support what they feel is the best interest of the children based on the material change of circumstance. 


The use of character affidavits and witness depositions can also be extremely helpful for modifications involving a change of custody. 


Life is ever-evolving and Courts understand custody plans that may have worked for a period of time, may not be possible looking to the future. However, the parties must provide evidence to the Court concerning why the modification is appropriate based on a material change in circumstance. “Buyer’s remorse” regarding a previously settled divorce or custody action oftentimes of not enough to show the necessary cause for modification. 


Reach out to Teague Law today for a complimentary consultation to determine if a material change of circumstance exists or the best possible strategy in your modification action.  





Contempt occurs when a party fails to follow a court order. Contempt can occur at any stage of the court process including many times, after the finalization of a case. The most frequent contempt actions seen in family law concern the issue of child support or a child visitation schedule. However, contempt can also occur if a party fails to convey or transfer property after an asset division. 


Our attorneys at Teague Law are experienced in not only pursuing contempt actions but also representing those defending such actions. Even if you are the offending party and believe you are in contempt of a court order, there are possible solutions. You have options. 


Reach out to our experienced family contempt attorneys for a complimentary consultation to discuss your contempt action today. 



Adoptions are easily the happiest days in court for Teague Law attorneys. Expanding your family is a joyous and celebratory time. Just like any other family law issue, adoptions are all unique. Whether you are needing a step-parent adoption, a private adoption, foster care adoption or a contested adoption, our experienced adoption attorneys at Teague Law are here to formulate an effective plan on finalizing the new addition to your family.

Adoptions rely heavily on the filing of pleadings and documents with the court, and for this reason, your adoption, whether contested or uncontested is not designed for self-service. Hiring an experienced Georgia Adoption attorney is imperative. Even in uncontested adoptions, the courts rely heavily on statutory requirements and can be very particular regarding the exact language included in your court filings and pleadings. In some situations, a Judge may require a home study or review of adoptive parent’s financial status to ensure the prospective family is financially capable of supporting their new addition. 

A contested adoption occurs when one parent is opposed to the adoption. This can involve a step-parent adoption or a mother who would like to give her baby up for adoption despite a father’s objection to such. No two adoptions are the same and each growing family has an individualized set of needs. 

Call Teague Law today when you are ready to expand your family for a complimentary consultation.


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