How to Choose the Best Ellijay GA Personal Injury Attorney

How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Car Accident Case

You have just been in a car wreck, you are injured, and scared. It is one of the worst days of your life. You have decided to hire a Personal Injury Attorney. The right Injury Attorney can relieve your stress, guide you through a difficult process, and make one of the worst situations of your life more manageable – the wrong Injury Attorney can increase your stress, hurt your chances at receiving the compensation you deserve, and make you feel like you have been left to deal with your case alone.

  1. Reviews and Website.

Of course you want to make sure an Attorney you speak with has good reviews and a polished website. The work and dedication your Attorney will put into you case may not always be reflected by the number of reviews they have or how new their website is, but multiple poor reviews, a lack of reviews, or lack of attention to detail on their website should serve as a good clue as to their work ethic and passion. Now, that you have found an Attorney with good reviews and a great site, your decision shouldn’t stop here.

  1. Call the office.

Call – Call the number on the website, on google, or on a billboard.

  1. Who did you speak with?

Who answered the phone and how long did it take for a Car Wreck Attorney to call you back? This is a major indicator of how you will be treated from here on out. Did an Attorney answer the phone after hours? If so, great, they are dedicated to serving their clients. Did the paralegal or other staff answer the call? If so, how long did it take before the Attorney called? Was it a staff Attorney or the Attorney who owns the firm? This is likely the person who will be working on your case, if you didn’t get the firm owner at this point, you probably won’t. Did an answering service answer your call? This is the worst possible outcome and bad omen of what is to come.

  1. Are you just a number?

Keep in mind the type of firm you are calling – is it a high volume, large firm that needs a constant flow of clients to pay for their ad budget or a small firm that focuses on Client service? If you decide to hire a large firm you may have difficulty contacting your car wreck attorney directly or speaking with the firm owner – you may feel like just another number on the thousands of cases they are working on. If you hire an experienced, well reviewed, small firm you are more likely to have better communication with your Attorney and their staff. I personally give my cell phone number to every Client and make sure they know they can text or call me to discuss their case.

  1. How do you feel?

Finally, you need to feel comfortable with your Attorney. Can you trust them? Do they understand you as a person? Were you able to connect with them? Do they care about you as person or did they treat you like a check? You have to trust to you gut. If you don’t feel comfortable with your Attorney, you will never be happy with the outcome of your case.

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