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Teague Law -  Injury, Criminal, & Divorce Attorneys Ellijay Ga | Personal Injury, DUI, Criminal Defense, and Family Law Attorneys who are focused on fighting for the people of Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Jasper, Blairsville, Hiwassee, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Chatsworthand all of North GeorgiaAre you looking for the immediate steps you need to take to protect your rights, are you wondering what happens next, and or how Teague Law can help protect your rights? 

At Teague Law, we are dedicated attorneys specializing in Personal Injury, DUI, Criminal Defense, and Family Law, serving Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Jasper, Blairsville, Hiwassee, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Chatsworth, and the entire North Georgia area. If you're seeking guidance on immediate measures to safeguard your rights, curious about the forthcoming legal process, or wondering how we can advocate for your rights, we're here to help.

Do I Need An Attorney?:  Immediate action is required to prevent the ruthless insurance companies from minimizing your claim, ensure your license is not suspended automatically after 30 days if you are charged with a DUI, fight back against the Government’s violation of your rights, and protect your property, custody, and parental rights.


Why Teague Law:  

Our reviews and awards speak for themselves – Teague Law has over 200+ 5 Star reviews from Clients we have successfully represented and our Attorneys have been recognized and awarded by their peers in the legal community for their commitment to justice and relentless representation of their Clients. Read our Google Reviews Here

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Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injuray Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Best of Georgia Lawyer Ellijay Ga


My husband and I were planning on moving to an apartment. They delayed move in twice due to construction and did not inform us. I called Sarah in a panic not knowing what our options were. I thought “can we even get out of this situation?” This could have potentially put us in a bind if we needed to move out of our current home immediately. Sarah reviewed my lease and found exactly where this was a situation for rightful termination. She sent them an email, requesting a termination and a refund. In 12 hours the situation was resolved. We are so thankful to be out of a bad situation! Sarah Illg is the best in business and she is definitely the attorney you want on your side.

—  Caitlin Coletti


If you have a legal issue in North Georgia, retaining an Attorney who is familiar with the people, understands the culture, and has a strong reputation with the Court is vital. Teague Law is located in the heart of North Georgia, near you or the location of your legal issue. Teague Law is North Georgia's most trusted and highly rated personal injury. criminal defense, and divorce law firm. Teague Law proudly fights for the people of North Georgia, including Ellijay, East Ellijay, Gilmer, Fannin, Blue Ridge, McCaysville, Pickens, Jasper, Fairmount, Union, Blairsville, Towns, Hiwassee, Dawson, Dawsonville, Lumpkin, Dahlonega, Murray, Chatsworth, Eton, Dalton, Holly Springs, Cobb, and Kennesaw.

Work:  We Work. We do what we say we will. We don’t stop until we have explored every argument and fought every fight for our Clients.


Passion:  Our first passion has always been fighting for the accused, the injured, and the common person. We have never worked to put someone in jail or deny an injured person the justice they deserve. 


Client-Focused Approach:  We understand our clients come to us facing one of the worst situations of their life – a serious injury, an arrest, or divorce. We fight for our Clients – but we care for our Clients too – that is why we have over 100 5 star reviews on Google, AVVO, and Martindale Hubble. 


Recognition:  Whether it is appearing on Court TV, teaching other Attorneys at the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, or our numerous awards Teague Law has been recognized for our work, passion, and client-centered approach.


If you have been injured, arrested, or accused anywhere in the State of Georgia our Attorneys will fight to protect your rights and to see that you find the justice you deserve.

Josh Teague Lawyer Ellijay Ga

Josh Teague | Attorney - Founder

Who I am: 

I grew up in Gilmer County, my family moved into North Georgia in the early 1800s and has called this area home ever since. This close connection with the people of North Georgia has allowed me to be intimately familiar with the local area and values, the attitudes of the local juries, courts, politicians, judges, and prosecutors.



Kennesaw State University Cum Laude

Florida Coastal School of Law - top 20%.

Areas of Practice:
I focus my practice on fighting for people who have been accused of a crime or injured. I represent people accused of Arson, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, DUI, DUI Drugs, Murder, Sex Crimes, Theft, and White Collar Crimes. I represent people who have been injured in a car wreck, on a motorcycle, by a tractor-trailer or have a wrongful death claim due to the loss of a family member.

Sarah N. Sevcech

Who I am:

I was raised in Gwinnett County, an area my family still calls home. I moved to the North Georgia area in 2008 to attend College and instantly fell in love with the mountains. After graduating from Law School I moved back to North Georgia with my son, Beckett, and made my home here. I am an active member of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Growing up in Metro Atlanta and spending my adult life making my home in North Georgia has let me build a connection to the people in both areas and given me a better understanding of local Juries and Judges across the State.



I received my undergraduate degree from the University of North Georgia (UNG) in Dahlonega, Georgia, and graduated in the top 15% of my class from Mercer University School of Law.


Areas of Practice:

After graduating from law school I immediately began focusing my work on representing those accused of crimes and others needing help overcoming mistakes hoping for a second chance – this had always been my passion. 

Sarah Sevech Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Auto Accident Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Family Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Family Law

Family law is a complicated and often emotionally charged area of the law that can include a broad range of legal issues revolving around the family, including Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, Guardianship, Child Support Modifications, Legitimation, DFACS Removals, and Contempt Actions. 

Injury Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Personal Injury

Personal Injury refers to a range of cases including car wrecks, truck wrecks, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and premises liability. Each type of case is subject to a strict statute of limitations which limit how long you have to file a claim. Read more about personal Injury here or contact Ellijay Attorney Josh Teague to discuss your case today.

Personal Injury Lawyer Ellijay Ga
Car Wreck

Being involved in a car accident is scary enough – not knowing what comes next, can be even scarier. Not every car accident case is the same, but most cases follow the same general steps and procedures – even if the timeline is not the same. If you have been injured please contact us today to see what your case is worth.

Lawyer Ellijay GA

DUI charges can result in jail time, loss of license, and even the loss of a career. In fact,  you may only have 10 days after an arrest to save your license. A charge of DUI can be based on alcohol, illegal drugs, or even Rx drugs.


Read more about DUI here or contact Ellijay Attorney Josh Teague to discuss your case today.

Lawyer Ellijay GA
Criminal Defense

Criminal defendants can be charged with either misdemeanor or felony crimes, including arson, possession of drugs, drug trafficking, sex crimes, theft, burglary, or motor vehicle offenses. A conviction can result in the loss of freedom, drivers' licenses, professional careers, reputation, and even fines. Read more about Criminal Defense here or contact Ellijay Attorney Josh Teague to discuss your case today.

Family Law Ellijay Ga

Each question and concern is valid and a Georgia Divorce Attorney should be able to address each concern with you. Here at Teague Law, we know divorce can be an emotionally charged process whether you are facing an uncontested or high-conflict divorce. Divorce may not be something you have chosen or wanted, but you deserve a team beside you to educate you on your options and fight for your best possible outcome. 

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