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For residents of Cobb County facing legal challenges, it is crucial to engage an attorney who not only has a profound understanding of the local community and culture but also boasts a robust reputation within the courts. Teague Law, situated at the core of North Georgia, is ideally positioned to address your legal concerns, whether they arise close to home or within the broader region.

Renowned as North Georgia’s most esteemed law firm in the realms of personal injury, criminal defense, and divorce law, Teague Law is dedicated to championing the rights of Cobb County’s residents. With a proud tradition of serving communities including Ellijay, East Ellijay, Cherry Log, Jasper, Cherokee, Cobb, and the entirety of North Georgia and Metro Atlanta, Teague Law stands ready to deliver the exceptional legal representation you deserve.

If you have been charged in Cobb County, Georgia, your case will either be held in of the many municipal courts, the State Court of Cobb County, or Cobb County Superior. There are 6 cities that make up the county of Cobb:

  • Marietta
  • Acworth
  • Austell
  • Kennesaw
  • Powder Springs
  • Smyrna

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI in Cobb County, Georgia your 30-day window to either request an administrative license hearing or install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle has already begun counting down.

Call Teague Law today for a free consultation to discuss your options and how to avoid a 12-month Automatic license suspension.

If you were cited inside the city limits by one of the city officers, your misdemeanor case will likely begin in that city municipal court. Any felony, no matter where located in the county will automatically be heard in the Cobb County Superior Court.

If you were cited for a misdemeanor by Cobb County Police or Georgia State Patrol, your case will be heard in the Cobb County State Court and will not begin in one of the municipal courts.

If you were cited by a city officer and have a court date pending in one of the municipal courts in Cobb County, you may elect to transfer your case to the State Court of Cobb, County by requesting a Jury Trial. This is a very important decision and can affect the result of your case and should only be done so with the consultation and advice of an experienced Cobb County Attorney. Once a case is transferred out of a municipal court, it cannot be transferred back.

There may be many reasons why one would want to resolve their case within the municipal court versus transferring to the State Court of Cobb County. Many times, scheduling can be much easier and more flexible in the municipal courts. Additionally, punishment many times is less harsh in one of the municipal courts and an accused may be able to go non-reporting on probation from the first day of their sentence if they have all the conditions of their sentence met at the time they close their case. This is much harder to do in Cobb State Court and most Cobb County State Court Judges will require at least a period of time on reporting probation.

Furthermore, if you are charged with an offense eligible for a pre-trial diversion program, such as minor in possession, Possession of Marijuana or misdemeanor shoplifting, many of the pre-trial diversion programs in the municipal courts can be less harsh than the rigid structured diversion program available in Cobb State Court. For example, in Kennesaw Municipal, the Court will allow the accused’s attorney to supervise the program versus a probation officer or other officer of the court. If a client can complete all the conditions of the program before coming to court with their attorney, the diversion will begin and terminate on the same day – the day of court. This will save the client time off work from having to attend monthly meetings with the court to ensure they are in compliance.

Navigating this process can be confusing. We understand this and believe the court system is not designed for self-service. At Teague law, we know the ins and outs of the Cobb County Judicial system. Let our years of experience work for you.


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