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For individuals in Dahlonega, Georgia, facing legal challenges, selecting an attorney with a deep connection to the local community, an understanding of its unique culture, and a solid standing in the court system is essential. Located in the heart of North Georgia, Teague Law is conveniently near Dahlonega, making it your go-to law firm for legal matters in your area. Esteemed as North Georgia’s premier law firm specializing in personal injury, criminal defense, and divorce law, Teague Law commits to advocating tirelessly for the residents of Dahlonega and surrounding areas. We take pride in our dedication to the communities of North Georgia, including not only Dahlonega but also the broader region, ensuring you receive the top-tier legal support you need.

Dahlonega Municipal hears select misdemeanor charges as well as all traffic citations issued by Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office within the city limits of Dahlonega. The city of Dahlonega does not have its police department – Rather, the city contracts with Lumpkin County to make arrests within the city limits which in turn are sent to the Dahlonega Municipal Court versus Lumpkin County Probate Court These offenses include, but are not limited to misdemeanor shoplifting, possession of Marijuana and driving under the influence, hit and run, no insurance and minor traffic offenses.


Dahlonega Municipal Court is located in the same building as city hall.

The address is:

465 Riley Road

Dahlonega, GA 30533

You will drive past the main Lumpkin County Courthouse and continue to the smaller building located near the playground. Parking is minimal and fills up quickly on court days. Make sure to plan accordingly.

Court is held in Dahlonega on Tuesday evenings beginning at 5:30 PM. Dahlonega Municipal is a part-time court, which means court is not in session every day and the prosecutor and Judge are not employed by the city full-time. While the scheduled court time is set for 5:30 PM, the court does not usually convene until After 6 PM. It is still very important to arrive on time – earlier if possible – to sign in with the court clerk and find a seat. Seating is limited, as court takes place in the town hall meeting room.

Court Staff:

  • Court Clerk: Ms. Stacie Sides
  • Prosecutor: Mr. Doug Parks
  • Judge: Honorable Hammond Law

Dahlonega Municipal Diversion Program:

If you or a loved one has been charged with a first offense for Misdemeanor shoplifting, underage possession, possession of marijuana or pedestrian under the influence, you may be eligible to participate in the Dahlonega’s Diversion Program.

Successful completion of this program will result in a dismissal of your charges and your criminal record being restricted. Your Dahlonega Diversion Attorney will ensure eligible first-offenders are accepted into the program. We will guide you through each step of the program.

Importantly, the court does not require that you wait until the day of your first court date to begin working on the program requirements. At Teague Law, we believe acting proactively with the diversion program will increase your success and clean your record much quicker. It is possible to complete all conditions of the diversion program before your first court appearance and close out

Typically, depending on your eligible diversion charge, you will be required to complete at least 16-40 hours of community service and pay a program fee. If your offense is alcohol or drug related, you may be required to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation with a court-approved, certified counselor. You may also be required to take random drug and alcohol screens.

Given the close proximity of the Court to the University of North Georgia and the Ranger Camp, many students, cadets and military personnel find themselves in a legal system not designed for self-service. DUI laws and punishments have lasting consequences. Missed deadlines can result in significant and irreversible license suspensions for a period of time.

If you have been charged with a DUI by University of North Georgia Police, your case will likely begin in Dahlonega Municipal Court. While you have the opportunity to request a jury trial and transfer your case to Lumpkin County Superior Court, there are many reasons why you should consult with your Dahlonega DUI Lawyer before making this decision. Once a case is transferred out of Dahlonega Municipal, it cannot be transferred back down.


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