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I Did Not Seek Medical Care The Day Of The Accident, But I Am Hurt – Do I Still Have A Claim? The Truth About Hidden And Rebound Injuries.


Have you ever had a painful bruise appear out of nowhere, with no memory of being injured? Something that you do not notice until days or weeks after when the impact happened? This is what is commonly known in personal injury law as a “Hidden Injury” or “Rebound Injury”.

Many people believe that when someone is in a violent wreck, all of the injuries and symptoms associated with the injuries should immediately be apparent. However, this is simply not the case with all accidents.

Why is this important?

It is important to note because many people believe the fact that they did not seek medical attention right away after being in a car accident will affect their ability to collect damages. Hiring an experienced Car Accident Attorney is vital to prevent the insurance company from attempting to deny your claim for failing to immediately seek medical attention.

Why do “rebound injuries” happen?

Certain injuries may take longer to exhibit symptoms, this can be due to way the body protects itself or a symptom of the injury itself.

The body has an amazing way of protecting itself during an emergency – an “adrenalin rush” in which the body blocks pain signals to the brain, increases vascular restriction to mitigate blood loss, and increases energy levels in order to better handle the perceived threat – is a common response to stressful situations and injuries. When the body experiences an adrenalin rush it can mask the pain and existence of an injury until the body’s hormones return to normal levels.

Alternatively, some injuries simply take time to manifest symptoms due to their very nature. For example, an epidural brain bleed is often undetected until the situation is dire due to the prolonged period between the accident and symptoms. During this “lucid interval,” the patient might be acting and talking normally for hours to even days before the symptoms manifest.

Common “hidden” and “Rebound Injuries” :

1. Internal bleeding/bruising (commonly referred to as “Seat Belt Syndrome) can take between 24 hours to 3 days to manifest symptoms or physical signs

2. Brain Injuries, including but not limited to an Epidural Bleed, can take hours to days to start manifesting symptoms

3. Neck and back injuries, such as “Whiplash”, can take days to a week before the symptoms are noticed.

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, or other mental health injuries, can take weeks to months before the patient starts exhibiting symptoms relating to the accident.

The important thing to know is that not all injuries are the same, some injuries might take more time before they are apparent, but this delay in treatment does not waive your right to receive compensation for those injuries. To ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for you injuries call the Car Wreck Attorneys at Teague Law today.

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