Spring Break Road Safety Tips from Teague Law

Spring Break Road Safety Tips from Teague Law

As spring break nears, the excitement for travel and road trips grows. However, the increase in traffic and unpredictable spring weather call for extra preparation. Teague Law shares seven essential tips for a safe and enjoyable spring road trip.

  1. Watch the Weather:

  • Spring brings varied weather conditions like rain, wind, and even severe storms.

  • Check the forecast before departure and pack emergency kits suitable for the predicted weather.

  • Remember, safe driving in spring depends on good visibility and traction.

  1. Mind Your Tires:

  • Check your tires for proper inflation, adequate tread, and wear signs.

  • Consider equipping your vehicle with Bridgestone Weatherpeak tires for reliable traction in diverse conditions.

  1. Stock Emergency Essentials in Your Car:

  • Carry a spare tire, jumper cables, tools, a flashlight, a gas can, and breakdown essentials.

  • Pack snacks and drinks, and tailor your emergency kit to the climate you’ll be traveling in.

  1. Prepare for Spring Break Traffic:

  • Anticipate heavier traffic and increase your following distance.

  • Keep your gas tank full and plan your route with potential delays in mind.

  • Travel during off-peak hours and check traffic status in advance.

  1. Mind Safety and Road Regulations:

  • Stay aware of and comply with local traffic laws and speed limits.

  • Be prepared for road conditions like potholes or unfamiliar traffic setups.

  1. Avoid Distracted or Tired Driving:

  • Minimize distractions in the car and stay alert.

  • Share driving responsibilities and take regular breaks to prevent fatigue.

  1. Ensure Your Car is Road-Trip Ready:

  • Regularly check your vehicle, especially before a long trip.

  • Visit Tires Plus for Complete Vehicle Inspection and alignment services to avoid any issues during your journey.

Ensure a safe and enjoyable spring break on the road by following these essential tips from Teague Law.

If you were to find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney, please reach out.

If you have been injured contact us immediately.

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