What is the Walk and Turn Test | DUI Lawyer Ellijay, Ga

What is the Walk and Turn Test | Teague Law| DUI and Criminal Lawyer Ellijay, Ga

Teague Law | DUI and Criminal Lawyer Ellijay, Ga

The Walk and Turn test is a common field sobriety test given to detect DUI. The Walk and Turn test may also be called the 9 Step Walk and Turn, 9 Step, or W&T. This test is a divided attention test given to detect the cognitive and physical impairment of a driver.

During this test the driver is asked to stand in an unusual and uncommon position while being given instructions, with feet heel to toe and hands down by their sides, without moving.

The driver is then instructed to walk an imaginary straight line, touching heel to toe, without stepping off the imaginary line, looking down and counting along as they walk.

On the 9th step the driver is instructed to make an unusual and unnatural turn and return to the starting point making 9 additional steps.

When a driver has been accused of driving under the influence, they may be asked to perform a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – this is only one of those test. Each Field sobriety test has its own unique limitations and challenges. The experienced DUI Attorneys at Teague Law have been trained in field sobriety and are able to dissect the testing to ensure proper instructions were given and that the test was scored correctly – in addition to pointing out the legal and scientific flaws associated with each test.

The Walk and Turn test is by no means perfect and can give a false positive for a driver who is not impaired. If you have been charged with DUI and submitted to a field sobriety testing, call one of Teague Law’s experienced DUI Attorneys in Ellijay, GA who has been trained in field sobriety testing and its flaws to defend your rights now.

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