I Hired A Divorce Attorney – What Next? | Ellijay Divorce Attorney


I Hired A Divorce Attorney – What Next? | Ellijay Divorce Attorney

Step aside and take your attorney’s advice – Of course there is much more advice I can give then this, but this is MOST important. You researched attorneys, you consulted with your attorney and you decided to hire them over the others you may have consulted with. Let your attorney take the reins and allow them to help take some of the stress off your plate. We understand this is much easier said than done.

After Retaining Counsel, Here Are A Few Things To Begin Working On Right Away:

  1. Read your Domestic Relations Standing Order. This is an order in place by the Judges in your circuit that outline what you can and cannot do while your action is pending. Violation of any part of this order can result in a contempt action, which you want to avoid. Most standing orders prevent the sale of property, real estate, marital assets and removing children from the jurisdiction.

  1. Begin gathering bank statements and credit card statements for at least the preceding twelve months. These will likely be requested in discovery and the earlier you begin working on obtaining, the less work later.

  1. Make a list of 8-10 people that would be willing to write a character affidavit for you in the event a temporary hearing is needed. Ask your attorney if they have a form they would like you to use for such affidavits.

  1. Keep a record of everything – any bill you pay, scheduled parenting time, any missed parenting time by your partner, any deadlines you must meet, etc. If questioned during the litigation about finances, or where you were on a particular day you had the children, being able to refer back to your planner will provide to be extremely beneficial. Trust that with the stress you are under, if you have not written down an important detail, you will forget in the future.

Most of all, lean on your circle – your close family and friends that are going to support you through your divorce and lend a listening ear.

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