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What Happens at My First Court Date in Probate Court?

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Lawyer Ellijay Ga – Lawyer Near Me

Getting ready for your first court appearance in Probate court can be stressful – for most people this is a new experience, with a lot of unknowns and high-stakes consequences.

Don’t Fret – your Attorney (If you’ve hired us) knows what they are doing – they have prepared and they are ready to defend your rights.

So, what could happen at your first Probate Court date?

The only thing that is required is to either plead Guilty or Not Guilty – that’s it. No Trial today, just notice of your plea.

If a plea of Not Guilty is entered you must choose between 1. A Bench Trial in front of the Probate Court Judge – or – 2. Transferring the case to Superior Court or State Court for a Jury Trial – or – 3. Your Attorney may also be working to negotiate a positive resolution.

Your Attorney may be able to negotiate a deal after talking to the Prosecutor, Officer, Chief of Police, and/or Judge – if not, your Attorney can either: 1. Continue the case, continue negotiating, or bring back new evidence and try again – or – 2. Transfer the case to the Superior or State Court and be assigned a new Judge and Prosecutor.

All in all, the best advice I give my Clients about Probate Court First Appearance is to not stress out – the only way anything happens at First Appearance here is if we want it to.

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