Teague Law Now Accepting Crypto | Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyer

Teague law is proud to announce that we now accept Crypto currency as a form of payment.

We are fully setup and approved through Crypto.com and their merchant system, you can find out more about them by visiting their website.


Just like Teague Law, businesses continue adopting cryptocurrencies as a form payment.

As we see new records being set weekly by the Crypto market, major business and institutions are rushing to join the market. Retailers and continue to roll out plans to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment or partnerships with companies such as Crypto.com or Gemini.Com. Large financial and educational institutions as well as business have even began to diversify their investments by holding cryptocurrencies now.

Some of the more notable examples are:

1. Tesla – you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin now, and Tesla has heavily invested in the Crypto Currency as well.

2. Paypal – Paypall now lets customers buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as well.

3. Time Magazine – You can now pay for your Time Magazine subscription with Bitcoin.

4. Microsoft – The technology company now accepts Bitcoin for Xbox store credits.

5. Overstock – The retailer accepts not only Bitcoin but multiple crypto currencies to make purchases.

6. Home Depot – Looking to buy tools, hardware, or supplies to start your home project? One of the County’s largest hardware stores now accepts Bitcoin in store via Flexa’s checkout system.

7. NewEgg – the popular electronics store now accepts Bitcoin for purchases.

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