Local Attorney Will Serve as Private Counsel for City of East Ellijay.


Attorney Josh Teague has been appointed as Attorney for the City of East Ellijay. Josh will serve as private counsel for the City and advise on legal matters as needed. Josh was sworn in as city attorney at the East Ellijay City Hall by the Mayor on March 31, 2017.

Josh has dedicated his entire adult life to the study and practice of law – he has spent the past 15 years working in a law office, studying the law, interning with 2 Judges, completing an internship program with the United States Attorneys Office, and practicing law himself. In fact, Josh met his Wife, LeeAnn, when she was working for her Grandmother, the Gilmer County Clerk of Superior Court. Josh is a native of Gilmer County with family ties to the community dating into the early 1800’s. Josh is intimately familiar with local area and values, granting him insight into the procedures and attitudes of the local juries, courts, politicians, judges, and prosecutors.

Josh looks forward to his role and serving his community.

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