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You have probably heard of O.C.G.A. 40-6-16 or the Georgia “Move Over Law” as it is commonly referred to – which requires all motorist to change lanes and “move over” when they see an emergency vehicle such as a police car, fire truck, or ambulance on the side of the road. This is, of course, to keep our emergency first responders safe and give them room to do their jobs without the fear of being hit by traffic.

But did you know that the this law applies to more than just police, firefighters, and paramedics?

The “Move Over Law” also applies to towing, maintenance, and utility service vehicles that are on the side of the road – although not as well known, this is a logical extension – tow truck drivers, highway maintenance workers, and utility service providers are some of the first people on scene when we need help – after a wreck, breakdown, or storm.

Let’s all look out for the ones looking out for us and move over when we see the Tow Truck, Maintenance Vehicle, or Utility Truck on the side of the road.

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